About Us

What is The Massachusetts Materials Exchange?

The Massachusetts Materials Exchange connects businesses with reusable materials with others that can use them. In the past four years, the Massachusetts Materials Exchange has moved over 2,000 tons of materials, saving participants more than $100,000 in avoided disposal and purchasing costs.

The Materials Exchange can help you: Capture the value of byproducts and surplus materials and generate revenue Reduce disposal costs Reduce purchasing costs Reduce storage and staff costs Reduce waste, save landfill space and resources Enhance the environmental image of your company Meet corporate community/environmental goals Materials commonly listed in our database include: manufacturer's byproducts, surplus stock, scrap and overrun material, used equipment, used office furnishings, packaging and transport materials.

The Massachusetts Materials Exchange links businesses through its on-line database, and by actively researching and pursuing reuse and recycling options. Participants arrange for shipping and take possession of the materials themselves. Here are some examples of successful exchanges: A manufacturer sold 55 tons of byproduct aluminum oxide. A manufacturer regularly sells 100 polyfiber supersacks to another business. The bags had previously been thrown in the trash. A food manufacturer sells 1,000 used plastic buckets every month to a business that converts them into biohazard waste containers.

A commercial greenhouse bought five used, 20,000 gallon fuel storage tanks from a business that needed to liquidate surplus property. A glass processor ships its product in misprinted boxes which cost 40% less than new boxes. A town sent over 7 tons of used school furniture to the Carribean for reuse in schools there. A business received over 30 tons of unused samples of roofing shingles.